one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan

Ismayilli, Azerbaijan

Ismayilli is one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan. Surrounded by forests and mountains, the Ismayilli region, drowning in greenery.

Colorful villages of Ismayilli attract a lot of tourists because of various nationalities live and traditional crafts are practiced here. The region has plenty of places which worth a visit.

Here a selection of attractions, which Ismayilli is famous for.

The Maiden Tower is the most famous and significant historical monument of the area.

Javanshir Fortress is an ideal place for a picnic. On the territory of the fortress, there is a waterfall, surrounded by a dense forest.

Ivanovka has a time-warp fascination. It’s one of the last remaining collective farms to have survived from the Soviet era.

The village of Basgal pleases the eye with its well-groomed look. In Basgal grows a plane tree, planted in the XVI century.

The Lahic is one of the most important villages in the region. It is one of the most interesting handicraft centers in Azerbaijan.

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