Famous for apples and carpet-making


Quba is one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan. It is popular as a place to go to enjoy the beautiful nature of Azerbaijan.

Quba attracts visitors with its cooler summer climate and beautiful mountain scenery. Quba is built on the western bank of the Qudailchay River. On the eastern bank is a rather exclusive Jewish community known as Red Settlement (Qırmızı Qesebe in Azeri ), because of the collection of red roofs that can be seen from the nearby hilltop. The houses in Quba are noticeably smaller than the neighboring community.

The city of Quba is the center of a fruit-growing region known particularly for its apples. In addition, it has long been a center for carpet making. These carpets feature intricate designs that take inspiration from nature and geometric patterns, plus a variety of vivid colors.

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