Azerbaijani's Silk Road Gem

Sheki, Azerbaijan

Sheki has a lot to offer visitors. Once a stop on the well-known Silk Road, Sheki has a wonderful character, many historical and plus Soviet-Era points interests. From painted Palace of Sheki Khans to decadent desserts, hip bars to handicrafts, there are many things you will love about Sheki.

If you expect to find yourself in an ancient eastern country when you arrive in Azerbaijan, then Sheki is the best destination for you. Sheki is one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan. It has many historical and architectural attractions. The majestic Palace of Sheki Khans, located in the city fortress, takes a special place with its magnificent wall paintings and colorful windows’ mosaic.

Another must-see place here is Caravansary. Caravansaries – are the places where the people were resting during the long travels in ancient times. As Sheki was one of the main cities of the Silk Road, its caravansaries were famous. This caravansary belongs to the 17th century.


Despite the popular historic places, tourists here enjoy walking along the streets with tiny houses famous for their red tile and carved wooden gates.

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